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The Assessments page displays information on SEM assessments for Caribbean countries. The dataset is from CERMES - UWI Regional SocMon Node


Assessments Landing Page

You can browse and search for assessments filtering by year of the assessment or by country. Once you have entered your search parameters, the map and search results below the map should update automatically. Beside the map, statistics based on your search parameters will be performed and displayed within charts. Click the “Clear All” button to remove all search parameters and return to all assessments.

Filter & Search Bar of the Assessments Page

Moreover, the table below the map shows your search results with information such as the year the assessment was completed, the WDPA ID (a unique identifier for each protected area in the World Database on Protected Areas, the scale of the assessment and more. You can navigate the search results using the navigation bar in the bottom right corner, or export the search results in various formats by clicking on the buttons “Print”, “Copy” or “CSV”.

Table Sorting:


Note: If you think some SEM assessments from your country are missing in the dataset (or the dataset includes errors), please contact the CPAG in order to report updates.