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What is Socioeconomic Information and why is it important?

Socioeconomic information provides an understanding of the social, cultural, economic and political characteristics and conditions of individuals, households, groups, organizations and communities within and surrounding protected areas. It can thus help managers identify potential problems and focus management priorities accordingly.

What is the CPAG SEM Module?

The Socioeconomic Monitoring (SEM) module provides essential information and resources on socioeconomic monitoring throughout the wider Caribbean region. The module supports the Caribbean Protected Areas Gateway (CPAG), national ministries and agencies, PA managers and staff, and others (e.g. donors and NGOs). The module provides an overview of socioeconomic monitoring tools and the various assessments carried out throughout the wider Caribbean region (primarily where and when). The module also provides easy access to key socioeconomic monitoring resources as well as PA management plans from the wider Caribbean region.